Oil Change Service
Oil Change Service

In engines, there is inevitably some exposure of the oil to products of internal combustion, and microscopic coke particles from black soot accumulate in the oil during operation. Also the rubbing of metal engine parts inevitably produces some microscopic metallic particles from the wearing of the surfaces. Such particles could circulate in the oil and grind against the part surfaces causing wear. The oil filter removes many of the particles and sludge, but eventually the oil filter can become clogged, if used for extremely long periods. The motor oil and especially the additives also undergo thermal and mechanical degradation. For these reasons, the oil and the oil filter need to be periodically replaced.

The vehicle manufacturer may specify which SAE viscosity grade of oil should be used for the vehicles it produces, but many different weights can actually be used. Some manufacturers have specific quality test requirements or "specs" for service in their particular make. In the USA for any cars, most quick oil change shops recommended intervals of 5,000 km (3,000 mi) or every 3 months which is not necessary according to new car manuals from manufacturers. This has led to a 3,000 mile myth among most Americans.

Sufficient reason so that European Auto Plus recommends that you have an oil change every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, whichever comes first. But of course we understand this is easier said than done. That is why you should consider an oil change using synthetic oil. With a synthetic oil change, you can drive twice as long without having to worry about your next oil change. In addition, synthetic oil provides greater protection for your engine against heat and friction. All oil changes at European Auto Plus consist of draining the old oil, replacing the old oil filter with a new one and re-filling the engine with new motor oil.

We only used: AMSOIL, MOBIL 1, PENTO HIGH (REGULAR OR SYNTHETIC - 5W30/10W30) and MANN Filter


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