Coolant and Overheating Service
Coolant and Overheating Service

Heat engines generate mechanical power by extracting energy from heat flows, much as a water wheel extracts mechanical power from a flow of mass falling through a distance. Engines are not perfectly efficient, so more heat energy enters the engine than comes out as mechanical power; the difference is waste heat and must be removed. Internal combustion engines remove waste heat through cool intake air, hot exhaust gases, and explicit engine cooling.

Cooling is also needed because high temperatures damage engine materials and lubricants. Internal-combustion engines burn fuel hotter than the melting temperature of engine materials, and hot enough to set fire to lubricants. Engine cooling removes energy fast enough to keep temperatures low so the engine can survive.
The easiest way to detect a problem with your cooling system is noticing the temperature gauge reaching towards the red and/or noticing any puddles of antifreeze underneath your car. When this happens, the cooling system in your car is not functioning properly. If left alone, this problem can lead to permanent damage to the engine.
At European Auto Plus, we will examine the key components that operate your car’s cooling system and make repairs accordingly. These key components include the radiator, thermostat, water pump and radiator hoses.

The best recommended preventative maintenance for the cooling system is a flush of your car’s coolant, every 24,000 miles. At European Auto Plus, the entire cooling system is first cleaned by removing all debris and worn out coolant completely from the system. Then, fresh new premium coolant is added.


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